In order to use my recently acquired Astronomik LRBG 2C Filter set efficiently I have bought this manually operated Scope Teknix Filter Wheel.

Front view.
Supplier information: "This superb 1.25inch and T-mount filter wheel holds 5 standard threaded filters in a high precision click-stop wheel that can be user adjusted for tension and click strength. Both sides of the body are threaded to accept male T thread components and the wheel is supplied with a male to male T thread adaptor.

The five position wheel is housed in a body just 19.5mm thick - making this wheel suitable even for use with short fl refractors with limited in-focus travel. "

I use the 5 positions of the filterwheel with the following Astronomik filters: Ha - L - R - G - B

Side view.
Filter indicator.
To know which filter currently is in the optical train I used self-adhesive letters, but those are hard to see and when I use the filterwheel in my filterwheel-piggyback-rail I cannot see the letters at all.
Here you see the obvious solution: no more mistakes !
Here it goes to my filterwheel-piggyback-rail for my LX200 which firmly holds my filter wheel so that I can attach an SLR Photolens at the sky end and a camera at the other side of the filterwheel.

This ring has male M42 threading on both sides; one side fits my SC3 camera, and the other side will fit in a yet to be made M42 female-T2 male ring.

This adapter has a T2 male threading, which fits in the T2 female threading of my filter wheel.
On the other side the adapter has M42 female threading, which matches the M42 male threading of my SLR Photolenses [photo lenses].
Note: I found out that with this adapter installed, it was not possible to reach focus with my SLR Photolenses, so this adapter waits for other use.
I now just screw my (M42-thread) SLR Photolenses straight into the (T2-thread) filterwheel, which gives enough grip. Not recommended for heavy lenses though !

2" Extender.
I bought this 2-inch extender [with an optical length of 5cm] so that I can mount my cameras in a more secure way and still reach focus when using my filterwheel and ATK16IC camera. Supplier: Teleskop-Service - Muenchen (Germany)
The whole set up:
William Optics Zenithstar 80 ED II APO + 2-inch 5 cm extender + Scope Teknix Filter Wheel + Astronomik LRGB Filter set + ATK16IC camera
The felt on the filterwheel is for this
Click here to see how I connected the filterwheel to my William Optics Zenithstar 80 ED II APO with a Meade 3.3 Focal Reducer in between.
The felt on the filterwheel is for this