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For a correct operation of my LX200 Classic I have to enter my geographical coordinates [latitude/longitude] at setup time.
The Latitude poses no problems, but entering my Longitude is awkward, because I am located East of Greenwich: 5 degrees 27 minutes and 41 seconds East.
The Meade LX200 Classic does not permit to enter negative values and/or East/West, but strangely enough defaults to West, thus confirming its US heritage.
Hence I have to calculate the complement to 360 degrees, which in my case is:
[359 degrees 59 minutes 60 seconds] minus [5 degrees 27 minutes 41 seconds] = [354 degrees 32 minutes 19 degrees].
To enter this result I use the 'West' key on the Hand Controller.

Oh: while setting up your LX200 do not forget to enter the correct time [with offset to GMT and in 24 hour format!!] and date [in MM DD YY format !!!!]