The LX200 tripod with the LX200 in Alt/Az is not suitable for long exposure imaging, so I started to look around for a pier and wedge solution.
The commercially available products are quite expensive, so I asked a friend of mine if he knew somebody who could maybe make these items for me.
To my astonishment and joy he said that he would do it himself !
The following pictures show what happened ...

Here is the 2 metre pier waiting on my patio. The top of the pier has a bolt pattern that matches my wedge.
The pier will be dug in for 1 metre and then cast in concrete, so that the pier effectively will stand 1 metre tall.
The pier was built by a very good friend of mine and made from 5mm thick steel and professionally powder-coated.
This is my new wedge, built by the same person who made the pier.
It is made from 15mm thick steel and professionally powder-coated; weight 27 kilograms.
At the back-side of the tilted plate is a threaded rod for fine latitude adjustment.
I am grateful to Tony Floyde who made the design and drawings of his wedge available on his website.
February 17, 2006.
Tomorrow is the big day: the pier-and-wedge combo will be installed in my observatory.
The 2 metre high pier will be dug in for one metre and a lot of concrete will be cast.

February 18, 2006: the actual installation of my pier and wedge in my observatory.
I had contracted my gardener to do the digging (1 metre deep) and to mix/pour the concrete.
To enlarge you can click on each of the thumbnails and also read my comments or view this
Slideshow with pictures of the inside and the upgrading of my observatory

The still empty observatory This rope goes due South Opening up for sand The digging has started !
Digging deeper We need a firm floorbed Making sure the floor is level A concrete tile as base
The pier in the pit The wedge has been mounted Securing the aligned pier and wedge The aligned pier and wedge secured
The cement Sand and gravel Here the mixing of the cement, sand, gravel and water takes place The first concrete has been deposited
More concrete has been added Ready !!! Now I only need to wait till the concrete has cured Finally: my LX200 on my wedge and pier!
LX200 with piggy-backed Lidl scope LX200 with piggy-backed Lidl scope LX200 with piggy-backed Lidl scope Me and my scope