Based on my LX200 Piggy Back system I made a Piggy Back Rail for my newly acquired William Optics Zenithstar 80 ED II APO

I made the Rail from a length of 40x20mm aluminium tube and used some black plastic caps to cover the ends.
I drilled 4 holes so that I can easily install the rail with wingnuts on the LX200 piggy back rail provisions I had made to accomodate all my piggy back rails.
Next I driled 2 holes and bolted the hinged mounting rings on the rail by 6mm bolts, which are inserted from the underside of the rail. The bolt of the front mounting ring has been inserted through a sideways elongated hole, so that small movements in azimuth are still possible.
In order to be able to reach the focuser locking bolt underneath the OTA I elevated the mounting rings with two leftover pieces of aluminium tube.

The complete Piggy Back Rail with the hinged mounting rings.
The Zenithstar has been mounted.
My Home Made LX200 Balance Rail is an absolute must to balance the OTA of the LX200.
Double Piggyback for Coronado PST
Coronado PST gets a higher position.

Here follows a list of all my Home Made LX200 based Piggy Back Rails:
Base Piggy Back Model
Heavy duty Piggy Back Rail
Balance Rail
Piggy Back for Filterwheel + SLR Photolens