Note: on January 21, 2006 I sold the MTO 100/1000 with fork mount and EQ-1 tripod.

From a Dutch QCUIAG member I bought a second hand scope, which I want to use as my travel scope.
It is a small Maksutov, 10 cm aperture and f/10: 1000 mm focal length, manufactured by Maksutov-Tele-Optic (MTO), Russia.
In Germany this nice little scope is immensely popular and has been nicknamed "Russentonne".

MTO Maksutov Telescope
Aperture: 10 cm (4")
Focal length: 1000 mm f/10
Weight: 2.4 kg

Focusing takes place by rotating the big ring, just as with a photo telelens.

Originally designed as telephoto lens, the MTO 100/1000 has a stop for infinity, fixing the focal plane at a distance of about 43 mm behind the rear end. This distance is sufficient for straight observations with most eyepieces, but if you want to use a diagonal, proper focus cannot be reached. Therefore the stop has to be removed, which is quite easy: just remove a small bolt.

From two rather heavy metal 90 degree brackets I made a fork mounting for my Maksutov.
A hole in each of the arms of the U and through that M8 bolts from the inside and nice big black knobs - for fastening - on the outside.
A PVC bracket around my Mak with holes for the M8 bolts.
And a hole in the base of the U to fasten on my EQ-1 mount.

Rock steady! I can coarsely move in altitude by loosening the big black knobs and in azimuth because of the bolt in the base of the U; finer adjustments via the EQ-1 controls.

As a finder first used one half of a pair of binoculars, but later I used my Bynolyt 20x50 spotting scope as finder.

Home made fork mounting with Bynolyt 20x50 spotting scope as finder.

I can use my low profile eye piece holder at the visual back of my Maksutov, which enables me to use the Mogg adapter.

While on holidays I visited Teleskop Service in München (the supplier of my TAL-2M telescope) and I bought there a simple equatorial mount to service both my Maksutov and SLR Photolenses, so that I am now the happy owner of a rather stable travel mount with a modest RA motor drive: the EQ-1 (made in China, presumably by Antares).
Because of the weight of the Mak I had to add an extra counter weight.
Note: the half-of-binoculars on top of the MTO which I used as finder has been replaced by my Bynolyte 20x50 spotting scope as finder.
The EQ-1 mount with simple RA motor drive.
1,25" 45° Zenith mirror
I made some modifications to the EQ1 mount:
Replaced the swinging cables for the RA and DEC with radio knobs.
Applied a one-way rotating bearing as a clutch between the RA shaft and the RA motor.
Here you can see a further modification of the EQ1 motor

Home Made Sun finder for MTO 100/1000

I did not like the procedure of aiming my Maksutov at the Sun by assessing the shadows on the floor.
I took a square piece of hard plastic just slightly larger than the diameter of my MTO 100/1000 and bolted an empty film canister on it. When inserted in the visual back of my Maksutov I get crisp shadows and aiming at the Sun is a matter of seconds.

The Sun finder: simple design and at negligible costs.

The Sun finder mounted on my MTO 100/1000.