Elliptical Galaxy M110 (NGC 205), type E6p, in Andromeda
A Satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy, M31

RA 00 : 40.4 (h:m); DEC +41 : 41 (deg:m); Distance 2.9 million light years
Visual Brightness 8.5 (mag); Apparent Dimension 17x10 (arc min)

M110 is the second brighter satellite galaxy of the Andromeda galaxy M31 , together with M32
The small elliptical galaxy M110 is at about the same distance as the Andromeda galaxy M31, about 2.9 million light years, as confirmed by Walter Baade in 1944, when he resolved it into stars.

Source and more: SEDS

September 8, 2006 22:44 - 22:54 UT.
Imaged with LX200 10-inch f/10 telescope with 0.33 Focal Reducer operating at f/4.06 [focal length 1015mm] and Baader Infra Red Blocking Filter.
Camera: Vesta Pro SC3a colour RAW webcam, 30 unguided exposures of 15 seconds.