On June 8, 2004 a rare phenomenon took place: Venus passed in front of the Sun, which had not happened since 1882.

I was able to record this event from a camping site in Türkeve, Hungary.

The following equipment was used:
300 mm SLR Photolens;
EQ-1 tripod;
Philips Vesta webcam (SC3 black/white, Raw mode).

- Baader Solar Foil filter
- Baader Infra Red Blocking filter

I captured a lot of images and made several compilations:

Venus Transit June 8, 2004: 10 minute interval sequence of the whole transit
Venus Transit June 8, 2004: the ingress at 12 seconds interval
Venus Transit June 8, 2004: the ingress, cropped, enlarged x2, at 200 milliseconds interval (i.e. 5 fps)
Venus Transit June 8, 2004: the egress at varying intervals

June 8, 2004 11:03:31 UT [approx.].
When inspecting the frames of my AVIs I found a frame which shows the Black Drop during the egress.
Not very pronounced but it is there.
Here is more about the Black Drop
June 8, 2004 07:25 UT.
June 8, 2004 06:40 UT.
June 8, 2004 05:59 UT.
With the actual imaging in progress I handheld my Kodak CX6200 digital camera at my spotting scope and clicked.
I am surprised with the result.
June 8, 2004.
I used an umbrella to cast some shade at the screen of my laptop.
From left to right: my spotting scope with Baader solar foil filter [several people from the camping came to have a look], the EQ-1 mount with my piggyback platform, Witty, 300mm SLR Photolens and Vesta SC3 webcam, my laptop and my caravan with awning [I am sitting under the awning and enjoying to have my caravan so nearby, complete with mains power supply from the camping].
June 8, 2004 about 04:15 UT.
Setting things up is a serious business and requires my full concentration as you can see by my expression, especially just after 6 in the morning.